KS Apparels Ltd. is a 100% export oriented woven garments company. We are committed to our customers to adhere to their unique compliance requirements as well as all international compliances relating to the following:




Bahadurpur, Kaultia, Mirzapur


Corporate Social Responsibility
KS Apparels Limited is committed to support common good causes, effect positive social impacts, and make the world a better place. Social responsibility is at the core of our corporate culture and the heart of our operation
Ethical Labour Practices
KS Apparels Limited provides employment opportunities to more than seventeen thousand Bangladeshi workers, 76% of which are female workers. We are committed to treat our employees fairly and ethically, safeguard their rights, and promote their welfare by providing all-round facilities:

Dining Facilities
Each production floor in our factory is connected with a well-equipped dining hall to facilitate workers to relax and enjoy lunch during the breaks. Besides, safe drinking water dispensers are available throughout the factory premises.
Prayer Facilities
Separate prayer rooms for men and women facilitate workers to perform spiritual rituals.
Health Care
  • The workers and their family members enjoy free medical treatment and medicine provided by full-time doctors and nurses at the medical center in our factory.
  • RMG Nutrition Project is organized to improve worker’s health in collaboration with the implementation partner Global Alliance for Improvement (GAIN), the project coordinator, the health partner International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research Bangladesh (ICDDRB), the child care partner Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF), and the evaluation partner Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA).
Child Care
Our day-care center set up in the factory premises, staffed with certified child-caregivers, and equipped with modern facilities, provide free and quality child care to all the workers and staff members.
Safe and Congenial Workplace
  • The factory premises are protected with high fencing and CCTV surveillance, with a sufficient number of security guards manning all visitor and vehicle checkpoints, under the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) project.
  • The factory is equipped with central fire control system as well as ventilation and cooling system, and workers are provided with protective equipment such as masks.
  • Workers enjoy free insurance coverage.
  • Fair Labour Association
  • Grievance Handling System
  • Social Dialogue Program
  • Folk music is regularly played at the workshops.
Personal Development
Our modern training facilities offer all-round training programs designed for continuous professional development of the workers and staff members.
  • Refreshers and Helpline training
  • Training programs for sewing operators, helpers and quality inspectors
  • Garment Production Training Program
  • Project Management Training
  • Leadership & Decision-Making training
  • Accounts Management Training
  • Safety training for all employees
  • Fire safety training
  • Production safety measures training
  • Production improvement training
  • Product quality improvement training
  • Human rights training
  • Fresh Graduate Development Programs
Fresh graduates of universities, mostly industrial and textile engineers, are hired and provided with much needed trainings that work as support system for them to grow into leading roles smoothly.
Management Training Program for Fresh Graduates
In order to facilitate graduates to have a better understanding of the garments industry processes, each graduate has to spend several days at each department and learn the best practice in the industry through training and seminars in this 2-month program. The curriculum covers project management, supply chain, manufacturing management, quality management, inventory management, Lean, Enterprise Resource Planning, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.
Production Industry Engineering Training Program for Fresh Graduates
In order for the graduates to better understand actual sewing process, specialized seminars on production related topics are offered in this 3-month program. The curriculum covers IE basics, pre-production preparation, production monitoring, troubleshooting, performance evaluation etc.
Inventory Management Training Program for Fresh Graduates
The month-long program focuses on how to manage inventory system and control inventory.
Women Empowerment
  • Female welfare officers provide consultancy and employee awareness
  • Women in Factory Initiative (WiFI) offers foundation training, advance training, and learning sharing meetings etc
Rewards and Incentives
  • High performing staff members are awarded with a variety of rewards, ranging from material rewards, zero interest home loans, to training opportunities in China.
  • Workers with perfect attendance records are awarded with attractive prizes such as fridge, TV, microwave oven, cooking pot and tiffin box through trimonthly lotteries.
Bengali movies show and photo exhibitions, sports tournaments and picnics are regularly organized for employees, enriching their cultural life and building strong bonds.
Sustainability Approach

KS Apparels Limited has rapidly grown into the scale it is today by recognizing that sustainable expansion of business is only achieved when compliance and corporate social responsibility are ingrained in our process and vision.

Vision Sustainability Statement

Sustainability statement

KS Apparels Limited is committed to increase awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability and for all employees and workers to put sustainability into practice in the workplace, living environment and broader community.

Priority Areas and Sustainability Poli

Positive Impact in the Community

KS Apparels Limited continuously contribute to improve community at nearby mosques, schools, and aid in road repairing, bridge and traffic.

Positive Impact on the Environment

KS Apparels Limited is committed to continuously reduce CO2 emissions in a quest to a more sustainable environment.

Positive Impact on Nation-Building.

People development, financial development, educational development.

Priority Areas and Sustainability Poli

Employee Training

  • Leadership & Decision Making training
  • Team Leader Skill Development Program
  • Technical training for Line chief
  • Human rights training Safety training for all employees
  • Product quality improvement training
  • Skill development training from abroad
  • Talent hunt
    KS Apparels Limited recruiting fresher’s, Customize Management trainee (CMTP), Management trainee (MTP), Garments production trainee (GPTP), Career Fair at BUET, DUET, RUER, KUET, NSU and other universities in Bangladesh.
    Applied in factory six sigma, ERP system, Performance-based framework used for promotions for freshers.